A Note from Our Director

Dr. Steve Soper

The Center for BioModular Multi-scale Systems, CBM2, for Precision Medicine is engaged in developing transformative tools that will have significant impact in the area of Precision Medicine. The unique nature of our tools is that they can provide the ability to analyze circulating biomarkers secured from blood samples that will have impact in managing a number of diseases, such as cancers, stroke and bacterial infections. The unique nature of our tool set is that it can process whole blood directly and search for a variety of biomarkers including rare biological cells, cell free DNA and exosomes. In addition, once these markers have been isolated, genetic profiling can be undertaken using unique hardware and molecular assays conceived by the CBM2 team.

The CBM2 team is comprised of seasoned researchers at the University of Kansas (Steve Soper), UNC-Chapel Hill (David Kaufman), Louisiana State University (Sunggook Park, Michael Murphy) and Weill Cornell Medical College (Francis Barany). These researchers provide complementary expertise that can be used to facilitate transitioning innovative technologies into clinical practice.

We are anxious for you to learn more about CBM2 from the content of this website. Besides research, we have activities that you may be interested as well, such as workshops focused on learning about entrepreneurship, transitioning new technologies into the clinical laboratory and the use of microfluidics and nanofluidics in the clinical laboratory. We also have an active Collaboration/Service program that can assist researchers in utilizing our technology platforms. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to learn more about our exciting Center.

Steven A. Soper, PhD