16 KU Engineering Faculty Members Among Most Cited Researchers in the World, Study Shows

LAWRENCE — Sixteen faculty members at the University of Kansas School of Engineering are among the top 2% of scientists worldwide cited by others in research publications, according to a study from Stanford University.

That number equals roughly 14% of KU’s engineering faculty — an “impressive accomplishment,” said Arvin Agah, dean of the engineering school. “I appreciate the commitment and dedication it takes to achieve this status.”

Stanford researchers created a database of more than 180,000 scientists across 176 subfields — out of nearly 9 million scientists worldwide who had been credited with publishing more than five papers — then analyzed the number of citations that each received. Self-citations were excluded. This achievement is a sign that research by KU engineering faculty has served as a foundation for scientists and engineers around the world to explore new areas of innovation in their respective fields.

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