CBM2 Researcher Takes Position at Cepheid

Thilanga N. Pahattuge, CBM2 graduate student from the Soper research group at the University of Kansas, graduated in May 2021 and joined molecular diagnosis company Cepheid in the position of Scientist I-Oncology. At Cepheid, Dr. Pahattuge will be developing novel molecular-based assays for the diagnosis and monitoring of various cancer types. Cepheid is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Prof. Steven A. Soper
Thilanga N. Pahattuge

During his time in the Soper group, Dr. Pahattuge worked on a photocleavable linker for the reagent-less release of rare cancer biomarkers purified by microfluidic affinity-selection.

Thilanga successfully defended his dissertation with honors on April 13, 2021. His dissertation was titled, “Integrated modular microfluidic systems for the affinity selection and comprehensive analysis of rare liquid biopsy markers.” Members of his dissertation committee were Dr. Steven A. Soper (Chair), Dr. Robert Dunn, Dr. Susan Lunte, Dr. Krzysztof Kuczera, and Dr. Sara Wilson.