CBM2 Team Publishes Research Results

CBM2 Team published their research results in a peer reviewed journal Small,  October 2021, 

The authors of the publication titled “Label-Free Identification of Single Mononucleotides by Nanoscale Electrophoresis” are Junseo Choi, Zheng Jia, Ramin Riahipour, Collin J. McKinney, Charuni A. Amarasekara, Kumuditha M. Weerakoon-Ratnayake, Steven A. Soper, and Sunggook Park. 

This collaborative Team developed a novel polymer nanofluidic sensor consisting of a nanochannel column and two in-plane 10 nm pores formed via nanoimprint lithography. This nanosensor demonstrates label-free detection and identification of dNMPs via their time-of-flight through the nanochannel column. This nanosensor format can broadly be applicable to label-free detection and discrimination of other single molecules, vesicles, and particles by changing the dimensions of the nanochannel column and in-plane nanopores and integrating different pre- and postprocessing units to the nanosensor.