Special Issue of Cells Accepting Manuscript Submissions through June 2021

Dr. Malgorzata (Maggie) Witek, Associate Research Professor in the chemistry department at the University of Kansas, and CBM2 faculty member, will be guest editing a Special Issue of the journal Cells in 2021. The title of the Special Issue is “Microfluidics and Miniaturized Systems Aiding Studies Involving Cells and Animal Models.” Deadline for manuscript submissions is June 30, 2021.

Special Issue of Cells Accepting Manuscript Submissions through June 2021

Studies involving animals and cells are essential components of research, providing vital data related to disease modelling and depiction, treatment response, disease staging, pharmacokinetics, and biophysical and molecular characterization of cells. These studies are highly relevant to the understanding of maladies and the development of potential treatments or disease management protocols. Microfluidics aid these studies by creating an environment closely resembling physiological and biophysical conditions, and providing an opportunity to design in vivo modelling for testing.

We invite experts working on the development of microscale devices and microfluidic miniaturized systems for screening tests, selection assays, cultivation, cell characterization, and pharmacokinetics studies to participate in this Special Issue of Cells. Original research articles, reviews, or short perspective articles related to microfluidics and microfluidic miniaturized systems assisting research involving biological cells, model organism, and animals are welcome. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, monitoring neurological changes in animal brains, cellular differentiation in model organisms, disease models on a chip, cell cultivation and co-cultivation on a chip, pharmacokinetic analysis using microfluidics, drug discovery and testing, microfluidics for artificial blood vessel characterization, monitoring of cell stress in microfluidics, isolation of rare cells or immune cells, and fluidic systems for real time cell isolation and enumeration.

Please see the information flyer and visit mdpi.com/si/76441 for complete details on manuscript submission information and keywords.