CBM2 Researcher Takes Position at AstraZeneca

Zheng Zhao

Zheng Zhao, CBM2 graduate student in the Soper research group at the University of Kansas, graduated in December 2020 and has accepted a Postdoctoral position at AstraZeneca headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD. He is currently in the department of Translational Medicine/Oncology/Research & Development, performing research on proteomics of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) with isolation, analysis, and protocol generation for exosome from clinical samples.

While working in the Soper group, Dr. Zhao focused on liquid biopsy isolation of EVs from plasma, cell culture media, and other types of body fluids, while understanding the EVs’ profiles through the use of micro- or nano-fluidic devices. With his research, the Soper group and their collaborators at the University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of California San Francisco could better diagnose or monitor disease stages of patients experiencing cancer or stroke.